Racquets for Fort Mac Fundraiser

加拿大Alberta省的山林大火,摧毁了整个Fort McMurray城市,当地居民被迫离开他们的家园,整个撤离过程井然有序,处处充满关爱。身处加拿大东部爱德华王子岛青少年羽毛球培训中心(PEIJBTC)的成员们也感同身受。

为了帮助受灾群众,尽一分力,献一份爱心,PEIJBTC的教练们、运动员们以及董事会成员自发的组织了一次名为“Racquets for Fort Mac”的募捐活动。活动时间为六月五日,在Stratford,Cornwall和Summerside三个城市同时进行,五元或者以上的捐款,便可以感受一次与众不同的交流对抗。希望爱岛居民前来参与,与俱乐部高水平的羽毛球运动员一起,体验羽毛球运动的乐趣。同时呼吁大家踊跃捐款。PEIJBTC是“李宁”羽毛球品牌(著名中国羽毛球品牌)的代理,当天俱乐部也会在现场销售专业的羽毛球装备,当天销售的利润也将全部捐献给红十字会支援灾区。

为了办好本次活动PEIJBTC俱乐部特意邀请前世界羽毛球冠军聂骏从中国前来和大家一起交流比赛, PEIJBTC俱乐部的教练Kevin Yan,前中国江苏省羽毛球冠军,也会再活动现场给大家免费教学。


活动时间是六月五日,周日下午一点至七点,地点在Stratford市的Town Hall、Cornwall 市的APM Centre。 Summerside市的活动时间是六月五日,周日下午一点至四点,地点在Canada Games Centre,Slemon Park



Joe Zhang zhangchongyu@hotmail.com (902) 314-6688

Kevin Yan yanwen_890623@hotmail.com (902) 316-1669




The members of the PEI Junior Badminton Training Centre (JBTC) have been deeply moved by plight of the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta, as their city was partially destroyed by a huge wildfire and the entire community forced to leave their homes.

The JBTC coaches, players, and Board members have come together to organize a fundraising event they are calling Racquets for Fort Mac. On Sunday June 5, in three locations on PEI, they are challenging Islanders to come out and play badminton with some amazing and talented players. For a $5.00 registration, everyone can enjoy a fun game of badminton and raise money for the residents of Fort Mac. JBTC is Li-Ning (Chinese sportswear brand) Direct Sales Agent. JBTC will be selling professional badminton products on site.  All profits will be donated to the Red Cross for Fort Mac relief.

The JBTC is bringing in former world badminton champion Jun Nie to this event. Plus, the head coach for the PEI JBTC, Kevin Yan, a badminton champion from the Chinese Province of Jiangsu, will be on hand for coaching and to play a few games.

Even if you have never tried badminton, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn, play, and help fellow Canadians.

On Sunday, June 5 between 1:00 and 7:00 PM, Racquets for Fort Mac will take place at the Stratford Town Hall, the Cornwall APM Centre, and in Summerside at a venue to be announced.

All monies raised will go to the Red Cross and its relief efforts in Northern Alberta.


Joe Zhang zhangchongyu@hotmail.com (902) 314-6688

Kevin Yan yanwen_890623@hotmail.com (902) 316-1669

This fundraiser is proudly supported by the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada.



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