2014 September Badminton Training Schedule – Stratford

Location: Stratford Centre

Time:Wednesday 5:30 pm—7:30pm

Saturday 6:30pm—8:30pm

Special training will be arranged atThursdays’ 4:00 pm—6:00pm

Contact: Cliff Lin

Tel: 626-8110

E-mail: infopeijbtc@gmail.com

2014 PEI International Badminton Week


In order to raise the professional level of badminton in PEI and enrich summer vacation activities of students, PEI Junior Badminton Training Centre (JBTC) will invite professional, national badminton coaches’ team from China. One of the coaches, Mr. Jun Nie was the former world champion in 1990. The other one, Mr. Wen Yan was the former Jiangsu Province champion and was the member of group champion in China national competition. The Chinese badminton coaches’ team will sign an agreement with JBTC to help improving the training levels at the center in PEI.


August 3: Badminton game in Charlottetown

August 4: Badminton game in Summerside

August 5: Badminton training for kids in Charlottetown

August 6: Break day

August 7: Badminton training for kids in Charlottetown

August 8: Public day at Stratford Recreation Centre

August 9: Badminton training for kids in Charlottetown


Public Day Event – Friday, August 8th

Stratford Recreation Centre


1:00-2:30pm Kids players get trained

2:30-3:00pm Break time

3:00-4:00pm Performance Competition (Professional players from China)

4:00-4:30pm Break Time

4:30-8:30pm Communication between professional players and local players